" We Build Champions."
Extreme Thai Boxing Academy LLC
Teaching in the Tulsa area since 1989

11110 S. 82nd E. Place Suite L
Bixby / South Tulsa

Authentic Muay Thai   *   Jeet Kune Do   *   Boxing   *   Kali   *  Jun Fan   *   Thai Boxing   *   Mixed Martial Arts

Contact us to Schedule Your Introductory Course
Two 30 min Semi Private Lessons $20.00
we give you a tour of the Academy as well as go over some of the basic moves and stances to give you an idea of what learning at our Academy is like.
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Class Schedule

   Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday Saturday 
 10:30AM    Fat Melter   Fat Melter    
 11:30AM    Group Run  Group Run  Group Run    Group Run
 12:00PM    Muay Thai  Muay Thai  Muay Thai    Muay Thai
  1:00PM    Kickboxing  Kickboxing  Kickboxing    Kickboxing
  5:00PM  Open Mat  Open Mat  Open Mat  Open Mat  Open Mat  
  6:15PM  Boxing Boxing Boxing Boxing Boxing
  7:15PM  Abs/Cali.  Abs/Cali.  Abs/Cali.   Abs/Cali.

  7:30PM  Muay Thai  Muay Thai   Muay Thai
  Muay Thai
  Muay Thai
  8:30PM  Sparring  Mixed Arts   Sparring
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